This project was a complete garden makeover .The clients had a design for the garden with a few set requirements they wished for. As the existing lawn sloped towards the house they requested a level lawn, the shed base extended and the garden terraced. The brief was to lay a patio at the back of the house with steps and a path leading to a small seating area at back of the garden. Then a path leading around the side of the house to the front door. The choice of paving used was sandstone light grey. 


The first job was to remove the old grass and then lift all the old paving. Then excavating the areas that were to be paved ready to put down a compacted scalping base. The paving was then laid on a sand & cement mix, with the steps constructed and the upper path and seating area laid. To finish a dark grey pointing mix was used to complement the slabs. 

The sleeper retaining wall was constructed by fixing the sleepers to posts set in the ground as was the wood used to retain the lawn. This was constructed to level the lawn as requested by the client. Creating a level lawn brought about a new set of problems being that the soil beside the upper path and seating area was higher than them, this was overcome by using the paving vertically to retain the soil. The paving was used to bring a uniform look and achieve the request of not much wood being used.

The soil which was excavated from the patios and paths and piled in the garden was levelled to the new edges of the new lawn. This was levelled and prepared for turfing using Rolawn Medallion turf.

On this project I had a mixed bag of weather from sunshine, freezing cold, wind and the rain!

Love Your Lawn This Winter

Its that time of the year again when the weather starts to have a bigger impact in the garden with strong winds, heavier more persistent rain, cold frosty mornings and even the possibility of snow. One part of the garden that has a hard time through these winter months is your lawn.

Here are a few tips to help your lawn through the winter months and give it a kick start in preparation to the summer. I cannot promise a Wembley style pitch in your garden but you will have a stronger, healthier lawn because of it.

  • Raise the height of the cut as growth rate slows down
  • Apply an Autumn fertilizer to the lawn to keep it healthy
  • Apply a moss killer if needed
  • Reseed any areas that are worn or need topping up with topsoil
  • Keep the lawn clear of fallen leaves as a build up can cause problems like lack of airflow over the grass which can start rotting the grass and also allow diseases to ruin your lawn
  • Try to keep off the lawn as much as possible, especially after rain                                              

Good Luck!