Love Your Lawn This Winter

Its that time of the year again when the weather starts to have a bigger impact in the garden with strong winds, heavier more persistent rain, cold frosty mornings and even the possibility of snow. One part of the garden that has a hard time through these winter months is your lawn.

Here are a few tips to help your lawn through the winter months and give it a kick start in preparation to the summer. I cannot promise a Wembley style pitch in your garden but you will have a stronger, healthier lawn because of it.

  • Raise the height of the cut as growth rate slows down
  • Apply an Autumn fertilizer to the lawn to keep it healthy
  • Apply a moss killer if needed
  • Reseed any areas that are worn or need topping up with topsoil
  • Keep the lawn clear of fallen leaves as a build up can cause problems like lack of airflow over the grass which can start rotting the grass and also allow diseases to ruin your lawn
  • Try to keep off the lawn as much as possible, especially after rain                                              

Good Luck!