Corsham, Wiltshire

Back to Corsham for phase 2 of this project. The first phase was to lay paths and patio around the back and side of house in Bradstone Fossil Buff sandstone paving.


Forward 12 months and now ready to commence on phase 2. The garden has been extended to incorporate some out buildings. The first job was to repair the dry stone boundary wall which had fallen down. I stripped back the wall too solid stones and then the rebuilding begins, it's a bit like doing a puzzle getting all the stone to fit nice and neatly together. This picture shows the end result.

Due to acquisition of some out buildings on the land, a large patio area was laid at the back of these buildings using Fossil Buff Sandstone. This was laid upon a compacted scalping base using a sand/cement mix. The patio was pointed using a sand /cement with mix a white cement to create a colour to complement the slab colour.

A smaller patio was laid around the corner of the out building using the same materials and methods. The wall by the smaller patio was in need of repair, this was done using stone and a sand/cement mix, once this was done a coping was added to the top of the wall to protect it from the elements. I used 600mm x 600mm paving slabs laid on a sand/cement mix and pointed.


This is the end of phase 2 now the planning for phase 3 has begun.

Bath, Somerset

This project was a challenge and something to get your teeth stuck into!

The client requested that the existing set of steps and terraced beds were removed as they did not like the style and positioning of them. The brief I was given was to construct a set of central steps and uniform terracing out of Bath stone in random sizes.


The walls were constructed with a 100mm concrete block backing wall and then faced using the Bath stone random sizes jointed with a sand and white cement mix . The steps were formed with Bath stone risers and capped off with a pennant paving replica.

The challenging part was calculating the number of steps to connect the two levels and tying in with the walls .The client asked me to link the steps with the existing path by adding paving across the bottom of the lower wall , for this pennant paving was used .